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This is my web page, all about me, Archie! (Archibald Anderson Murray to be exact!) I am a verrry beautiful Westie. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand with my Mum. I was born on August 28, 2002, but I didn't get to go home with my Mum till May 31 2003.
I need a website cos everyone tells me how adorable and clever I am, and I think I need to share that with the world!
Not the camera again!

A bit of history

My Mum is so very lucky to have me. There is a two year waiting list for West Highland terriers in New Zealand. We are very special!
I was going to be a show dog for my breeder, but my tail wasn't straight enough. Margaret, my breeder showed me a photo of a Westie with a straight tail, every day to try and teach me, but I payed NO attention. So Margaret decided that if she could find someone verrry special, that she would let me go to my 'forever' home and be surrounded with love. Well my Mum's Mum, Mary, came out and saw me, and she thought I was ADORABLE, so here I am.
(And do you want to know a secret, my tail has been straight ever since I got here, hee hee - especially when I see a C.A.T.)
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Lets go for a walk!

Click to see larger photo My family

I live at home with my Mummy, Emily, we love each other very much. My next most favourite person is her Mummy Mary. Mary picked me we had a special connection from the very first moment she saw me at the breeders. I was running up and down the run, leaping over the sty, (I was showing off) and barking 'pick me pick me!'. I LOVE MARY, she rubs my tummy all the time.
I also love my aunt Lucy, and my cousin Daniel
My best friend is Topsy I go and play at her house twice a week and I looove it so much (and Topsy's Mum Anne she feeds me lamb and chicken)
All my other best friends live round the world and we met up at The Terrier Club.
I loooove pigs ears

My favorite things

I have lots of favourite things like my mum and Mary.
But I also love going for long walks and barking wildly at strangers, that is so much fun!
And I love chasing pussy cats and joggers and cyclists and rollerbladders and once even a rabbit . . .
I also love food, food is definately one of my favourite things especially chicken, and cheese and steak and stews and icecream and bones and . . .
well you get the picture but definately NOT Eukenuba.
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I know I buried it somewhere!

My Latest News
Well I have just had lots of allergy tests. I have ITCHY skin. Lots of us Westies do. Luckily I am not allergic to FOOD. Cos I love food. I had to have 50 injections and have my tummy shaved. Luckily my lovely fur is growing back, and I have to have lots of pills. (this is quite good though, cos I don't eat pills unless they are in a stew or bolognaise, hee hee)
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