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Click to see larger photo A wee bit about me!

Hi everyone, I live in in Co. Cavan, in Ireland with my parents, two furry sisters: Scooby(golden) and Holly(yorkie) and I have two human brothers who spoil me rotten: Colm(11yrs) and Niall(8). We live on the side of a mountain so have plenty of room to zoom and have fun.
My birthday is on Jan.
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A bit of history

My Mammy(Heather) always wanted a LWD but waited until the boys were big enough not to annoy me and one day Daddy(Nigel) was late home from work and told her to go out to the car for a surprise, there I was sitting on the front seat and it was love at first sight for both of us!!
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Click to see larger photo My family

This photo was taken 2 weeks ago when my family went to Co. Clare for long weekend.
Holly sure does like to pose!!!
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My favorite things

I LOVE to go walking, playing in garden with Scooby and most of all I really enjoy my beauty treatments. Nothing can beat my own special mud packs!!!
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My Latest News
While the family were all away in Clare myself and Scooby went to stay in Grannys, we love to go there, we just get spoilt rotten.
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