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Hi, come on in and check out my web site. My name is Benny and I am glad you are here. Make yourself at home and tap your foot to the music.
Benny Boop

A bit of history

I came to live with my human parents when I was 8 weeks old. That was when they got retired. I am not your ordinary dog, I am a Westie and like lots of attention so it is good they got retired. My name was to be Betty Boop but that would not fit a tough guy like me.
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Dreaming of rabbits

Click to see larger photo My family

Thats him, the Codyman. We picked him up at the air port. He came from across the country as air freight. He was kissing everyone but no way was I going to let him kiss me. We take turns chasing each other all over the house and he gets all kinds of treats just for going potty outside
My new brother Codyman

My favorite things

I have a lot of toys and this is just one of them.
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Bennys Jeep

My Latest News
Birthday Oct 18 2001.
I live on 5 acres in Michigan
This website belongs to Benny

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