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Holiday and Vacation Report

Click to see larger photo Mood Indigo

Greetings from Titusville NJ -
We just got a ton of snow, but I don't mind!
I was looking for a White Christmas and I got it!

Who's That Girl?

Here I am with my cousin Sidney. Ain't she sweet? But what's with the nuts?
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Nuts! We don't need no stinking nuts!

Click to see larger photo Family Ties

More Christmas action - It's so nice when the family gets together, isn't it?
Jimmy Johnson, Mom Pauline, Aunt Kris Hamon & Moi

Wearing my winter coat!

Who needs a trim?
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How big do my ears look?

What's the Latest?
Check out the photo album to see some photos from Simon Cencia's recent visit!

Royalty! See Prince Charles in a kilt and Princess Camilla picking her nose!

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