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"The White Tornado"

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Hi everyone, welcome to My Website on The Terrier Club! I was born on October 2, 2006. My Mama calls me "The White Tornado" because she says I'm the fastest doggie she has ever seen. I live with my Scottie brother Murphy and my Mama and Daddy in Grayslake Illinois. I have a big back yard. Murphy and I are in charge of keeping the rabbit and chippie population under control!
The White Tornado

My History

I was adopted by my Mama and Daddy after their sweet Westie boy Casper Crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I spent a lot of time in two shelters before I was rescued and adopted by my Mama and Daddy. I also was adopted by Spencer my Scottie brother. Spencer was a very wise Senior Doggie Citizen. After Spencer Crossed the Rainbow Bridge at age 16 1/2 yrs., my Mama, Daddy, and I were very sad. Then Murphy came into our lives!!!
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Caesar in His Tree

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Murphy's family could no longer care for him. My Mama, Daddy, and I went to meet him and it was love at first sight! We adopted Murphy and he became my brother! Life is good!!! I love to climb trees and am known as the famous "Tree Climbing Westie of Illinois!' Murphy is a wonderful and talented singer. Our Mama calls us "The Black and White Singers!"
Caesar and Murphy

My Favorite Things!

I just love my squeaky toys. My favorite ones are Snakey and Platterpuss! You should see me climb my tree looking for chippies and squirrels. Murphy and I love looking out our patio window. With Murphy's help I finally was able to catch that pesky chippie who was living on our patio. Every evening Murphy and I practice our singing! We love to sing especially for treats & people food!!!
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Looking for Chippies!!!

My Latest News
Hi, everyone!!! I want to thank everyone for all the Birthday Wishes!!! I had a wonderful day chasing chippies with my brother Murphy and eating wonderful treats and chickie!!! Caesar
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