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Click to see larger photo MY BEGINNING

July, 2003 was one of the hottest days on record in my birthplace. It was 113 degrees and up drives this family to get me. I was just a few weeks old and a little nervous about getting a new family. Not to worry, I had them under my thumb in no time.
I really get tired of having to look so cute.


It was a pleasant surprise when I got to my new home and discovered that I was placed in the living room in a playpen. I was right in the middle of everything and certainly enjoyed all the attention showered on me.
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I must have "them" rake this yard.

Click to see larger photo MY BEST BUDDY RILEY

Riley is one of my favorite playmates around. She and I arrived on the scene at about the same time. Here we are playing in a den made by my mom with a card table and bedspread.


My parents constantly rave about how smart I am and how I learned to go to the back door and ring the bell (Mom put there just for me) when I needed to go Potty. Then they put in a doggy door and I love it. I can go in and out when I want. Mom gripes sometimes when I have just been groomed and I go out and dig in the dirt.
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Love this door

My Latest News
Here is where you can put my latest news, or just my "vital stats" including birthday, weight, residence, etc.
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