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I'm Charley... My Gotcha Day was 10/03/2002. The vet thinks I was born around December 2001, so Mommy gave me the same birthday as my sister, Emme... December 10.
Do you want to play?

A bit of history

Mom found me in "jail" on 10/03/2002. She was going to shop at the Humane Society Gift Shop in St. Louis. She was walking by the puppy room on her way to the shop. A woman came out of the puppy room and said to Mommy, "You can't go in there!"

Mommy hadn't planned on going in there, but now her curiosity was up. She asked the woman, "Why can't I go in there?" and the woman warned her, "Because you will take something home!"

Mommy headed toward the puppy room and, as she was opening up the door, said to the lady, "No, I won't..." and saw ME! Mommy's jaw dropped to the ground!

There I was, looking at my Mommy with my big, black eyes, just begging for her to play with me. Yep! That lady was right! Mommy took me home that day!
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November 2002 - In my new home

Click to see larger photo My family

Emme is my sister... she is a Westie/Beagle mix. She was born in December 2000 (one-year older than me). I try to boss her around, but she is really the Alpha of our pack.
My sister, Emme

My favorite things

One of our all-time favorite things is to chase SQUIRRELS! Here we are, making sure that no squirrel dares to come up on our deck.
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Squirrel Patrol

My Latest News
Date Of Birth: 12/10/2001
To Rainbow Bridge: 07/13/2016

Weight: 17.5 pounds (I weighed 13-pounds when I was adopted)

Favorite Treat: Greenies!

Favorite Kibble: Wellness

Member of: BadDogs.com and SloppyKissCards.com

Proud to be a TERRIER!
This website belongs to Charley

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