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I'm Charlie! I live in Oregon with my family.

I am Jackie! I'm the newest Westie member of the family. I just had my first birthday!
Charlie and Jackie

A bit of history

I am Charlie. I'm the oldest. I was born on September 3, 2003 in Oklahoma. When I was 8 weeks old on November 3rd I was put on a plane and traveled all the way to Portland Oregon to be with my new forever and ever family. My new mom had named me Charlie two years before I was ever born. She really wanted me and waited and waited for me to be born. Am I not the luckiest dog in the whole wide world?

Well, I'm Jackie, and I was born on February 7, 2005, right here in Oregon 57 miles from my forever home. Mom named me Jackie ten months before I was born. (Mom has a tendency to do things like that.) Thanks Aunt Fran and R Gang for helping my mom find me. You're the bestest!
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This is me, Jackie. Am I not adorable?

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We have a mom and dad and a Pyr mix brother, Kodi; an Akbash Dog sister, Adira; a Yorkie sister, Abbie; two feline sisters, Holly and Emily; and a feline brother, JJ.
Charlie after 1st successful gopher hunt

Our favorite things

Charlie: Going for car rides. I also like going to the high desert on weekends in our take-along home. We get to go for hikes and explore really neat stuff.

Jackie: I'm grown up enough that I get to stay home now with Charlie and my other siblings. Going to work with mom was fun but staying home is even funner!
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Me in the desert before I got a baby brother.

My Latest News
Mom bought us costumes on ebay. We did not ask her to do that. You can see our Halloween pictures of horror on our photo album. We hate wearing costumes!
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