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Hi. My name is Cricket. I am a Cairn Terrier and I live in Lyons, Illinois. This is a picture of me in the yard enjoying a sunny day. I LOVE to spend time outside! I am so lucky to have a Dad who likes to take pictures of me. I just love to have my picture taken. I have heard people call me a "ham" but I don't understand why... it is perfectly clear that I am a dog.
Keeping an Eye Out for Critters

The Tail About Doogie and Me

A few years ago, my Mom and Dad brought home Doogie. Doogie is my older brother. He is a West Highland White Terrier. Doogie became part of the family very quickly and Mom and Dad loved him very much. Before I came along, Dad would say that "Having Doogie was like a second childhood." They enjoyed Doogie so much they decided to "Double their fun", and that is when I came along. I was VERY excited to go home and see my new house and meet Doogie. Mom and Dad told me all about him on the way home. When we got there, I was So excited to meet Doogie, that we played together right away. Doogie and I got along great right from the start! Mom and Dad compare having Doogie and ME around as just like owning a farm!
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Enjoying a Summer Day

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I live in a nice house with my Mom and Dad and Doogie the Westie. I also have a human sister who comes over to visit often. I like when she comes over, she smells like cats. Outside there is a great yard that Doogie and I love to play in. Sometimes we chase things. Sometimes I catch things. Mom is always so thrilled to see what I brought her that sometimes she is afraid to look at what I brought to the back door !
Hmmmm---What will be the catch of the day?

What I Like to do

I love to play, learn new tricks and get treats. Since I have moved in I have learned a lot of things from Doogie too. He taught me to always greet Mom or guests by wagging our tails and bringing them a toy. It is our way of saying, "welcome!". My favorite toy is my Screaming Monkey. It is a round monkey that screams really loud when someone throws it at me. I don't know why Mom doesn't like to play with me and the Screaming monkey. Human's ears must be more sensitive than ours.
Mom wonders why I don't get tired. I'm only 2 1/2 years old.
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One Speed-----Fast !

Happy Holiday Wishes
Seems like the holidays have come and almost gone by too fast this year. We didn't even have a white Christmas here this year........Dad says don't brag about it yet.........
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