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I came into my mom's life at a very special time of year- Valentine's Day! It was a love match since the very first time we met. Since this meeting, we have been an inseparable team! (Even though I share her with Munchkin- a cat!)
12 weeks- aren't I cute?

A bit of history

First night excursion, I learned quickly about a cat and their naps! (Ouch!) I have to say, I settled nicely and have trained my humans well. I go traveling everywhere with mom! She doesn't leave home without one (ME!).
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Can I get her?!

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Yes Virginia there is a Santa. Or, at least that's what mom says- see all he left! My sister, a cat named Munchkin, also got too. I just like to keep mine around me. My whole family loves me though! My uncle Bobby, he calls me ANH (Almost Near Human!)- I don't know why he say almost near though?!
Santa Loves ME!

My favorite things

As any true hearted Westie, outside giving outstanding kisses, my passion in life is playing!!!! I'm an expert ball killer (got it down in 20 seconds until you hear the pop-fiz!)! Oh and you should see me hunt the SQUIRREL!! ARROOOOOO!!!!
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Let's Play!

My Latest News
It's with a heavy heart I report this sad news. My oldest sister, Munchkin, age 15, passed on to rainbow bridge this summer. I'm lonely without MY cat, but mom promises to get me my own soon. So for now Daramir and I share Mishy the kitten.
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