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Click to see larger photo Welcome!!!!!

HI, Welcome to my homepage. Here you can watch me grow, learn more about a Westie's life & see some really cute pictures of me! - - - Hey, that's not bragging cause ALL Westies are cute!

Enjoy your visit.
One of my first photo's at 12 weeks old

In the beginning....

I came to live with my Human Mom when I was 12 weeks old. She chose me from my other brothers/sisters because I was the most loveable and mild natured. Still am!

Being a West Highland White Terrier, I'm smart as a whip! Was housebroke 2 weeks after coming to my new home and have learned many commands. That 'come' command is sure a pain sometimes so I don't do that one too well!
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14 weeks old. Hey, I'm waving at ya with my ear!

Click to see larger photo My family & way of life

I have 2 families! I was with my 1st family for over 2 years when they had to re-home me because the Grandkids came to live with us. I love kids but want them to go home after a couple days. Things were going well with my 2nd family until they had a baby. I was with them over 2 years also. Now I live with my original Mom again with only visiting Grandkids. I can handle that.
Playing with my ball

My favorite things

My most favorite thing is playing with tennis balls. I just love them! I like long walks and playing with other 4 legged friends. I love snow too!
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5 yrs old

My Latest News
I'm Elliot from McMinnville, Oregon. I am almost 6 years old and weigh 16 pounds. Normally I'm just under 20 lbs but just got diagnosed with diabetes. It's not fun being sick but right now I can eat all I want at mealtimes and I LOVE to eat!
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