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Hi! My name is Mlle. Emma la Bovary but I am known to all my friends as Emma. I live in New York City on Manhattan's fashionable upper east side. I am always up to date on the latest canine fashions and styles. I am 9 years old but still have lots of adventures left.
I feel pretty. Oh so pretty.


I had 4 sisters and one brother. My mom picked me out when I was only 5 weeks old but I didn't come home until I was 2 months old. My mom said she picked me out because I was the cutest and smartest one in the litter. Of course, she was right!
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Making myself at home on the furniture.

Click to see larger photo LIFE AT HOME

I live in a big apartment building where I have alot of friends especially the doormen who keep doggie cookies at the desk. There are lot of dogs in my building but my best friends are Roxy and Bosco.
Am I spoiled or what?


I have so many favorites. Of course, anything involving food would come first. Then-there are all those walks-3 a day with my mom and one with my dog walker.There are so many people on the streets in NY for me to say hello to. Did you know that if you sit down right in front of someone while you are on your walk, you usually will get petted? It works all the time!

I love all my toys and make sure that each day I take every toy out of the toy basket.

Best of all, I love to get dressed up. I have my very own closet for all my finery!
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Posing for the camera

My Latest Poem
I now have a web site of my own.
See me as a puppy and full grown.
You have to admit, I am very pretty.
Even if I'm sometimes not that witty.
Come visit me soon for the latest news.
Sign my guest book and tell me your views.
I hope you enjoy the pictures and such.
I love you all very much.
This website belongs to Emma

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