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La Mour's Emmarald Skye a.k.a. Emma
All About ME

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Hello, I just wanted to welcome everyone to come and check me out. My mommy is very proud of me and loves me bunches, so she decided to make a website all about ME.
Pretty Girl

A bit of history

Well where do I begin??? My mommy found me because of an ad in the newspaper. She came to my home in Luray, VA to check me out. I was very lively and it took only a few minutes before she was hooked. She came back to pick me up a few days later and I was on a HUGE adventure. We drove what seemed to be like forever (only 2 hours) and then we arrived at my new home in Walkersville, MD. My first day at my new home was very exciting. My Grams and ESPECIALLY my Paps fell in love. However, it took a while for my 2 big sisters to take a liking to me.
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What a cute baby!

Click to see larger photo My family

My mommy is a student in VA @ James Madison University, so I live with my Grams and Paps in MD. I do see my mommy often, just not as often as I would like to. I have 2 big sisters, Jesseh (Yellow Lab) and Maddie (Norwich Terrier). I also love my big brother Duke (the CAT) we get along great!
Me and my big sisters

My favorite things

WOW I LOVE MY BALL GAME. I am completely obsessed with my favorite ball (actually its a kitty toy). My family has invested a lot of money to ensure I will never run out of my ball game (especially Pap, i've got him wrapped around my paw)! I also love to play and run around outside. I like to play Frisbee (if only mommy could throw it right). I also like to eat SHOES, my Grams gets real upset when I do this. I also like to chew on bones in the evenings to relax.
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This is one of mommy's favorite pictures.

My Latest News
Here are some of my vital stats:

Birthday- Aug. 31, 2004
Weight- 10.5 lbs-11.5 lbs
Color- Wheaten (w/ black and silver markings)
Hometown- Walkersville, MD

Latest News: I just took my first trip to the doggy beauty parlor, I was very scruffy before, but now I am beautiful....however, my mommy loves me in any condition. Check out my Latest Pic. to take a look!
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