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A small white dog with a big colorful personality

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Mommie likes to take pitchers of me looking silly.
Arrrr, matey.

A bit of history

I was borned on December 11, 2006. My dogmommie's name is Rosie. My dogdaddy's name is Davey. He's from a place called Ireland but moved to Texas when he was liddler.

I was borned in Brownwood. When I was just a liddle baby my mommie came to take me to Austin.

Now I live in Galveston, where there's a beach to play on and lots of seagulls to bark at.
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Me, gotcha day, February 3, 2007

Click to see larger photo My family

My mommie's name is Cari. I am her only liddle kid but I have lots of other people and pupples who love me. My grandmommy and granddaddy have two bichons named Baci (which means "kisses" and Cio (which is short for "hug"). That makes them my uncles. They're sweet, but they aren't very good at chase.

My mommie has a sister, my auntie Dina. Auntie Dina is really sweet and made me homemade cookies called snickerpoodles.

My adopted auntie, Linda Duncan (Nessie's mommie) also made me snickerpoodles when I lived in Austin.
I caught my own stick!

My favorite things

I love rolling in stinky stuff, chewing things and my mommie.
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Does this make me look taller?

My Latest News
I weight 14 whole pounds!

Right now, I weight 19 pounds, and mommie says that's a good size. I really like living in Galveston.
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