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I came to Houston, TX, in November of 2002, a month before my first birthday. My first family said they couldn't keep me, because I needed a fenced yard, and they lived in an apartment. Besides, they were getting ready to have a second baby, and they didn't have time for me. Thankfully, they contacted Kim at WRM, who called my Mommy!!! I had quite an adventure, getting from Tulsa, OK, to Houston, TX, but I finally made it there, to my new hu-sis, Sydney, and my new Westie brother, Gus, and my new Mommy!!! Boy, were we all excited.
Fiona on the fireplace


I am two-year-old love bug, who was also surrendered by my first family. My first mom contacted Georgia with HHLP, because my brother the boxer attacked me, and made me bleed. . .but I love my new home in Houston, with my hu-sis, Sydney, and my new Mommy! And I was especially happy when Fiona came to be my sister, 'cause I was used to three other dogs, growing up. I'm a lover, not a fighter, a real lap dog who loves to give kisses, snuggle, eat, and give kisses!!
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Gus snoozing in front of the fire

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I am what my Mommy calls the "playgirl" of the family. I will play with anything I can find, even if it's not s'posed to be played with by a little dog! Mommy recently found me happily munching on all her make-up. . .euuuwwwwwwwww, she said. I thought it tasted yummy!!
I'm a happy girl!


See, I told you I'm a love bug! Here I am on Mommy's lap, looking soulfully back at her with my big, brown eyes. Mommy says it's her favorite picture of me, mostly because it's so typical!
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Up close, and personal

Hair Cut
We got a hair cut today. Check out the befores and afters!!!
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