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Hello, thanks for visiting our web page. My name is Jimmy and I'm a big boy of two years and my sister Megan is one. We get along well most of the time but we do fall out sometimes over treats, food and sleeping on Mum's bed. Megan doesn't like to share it with me so mum lets me stay on at night.
We live with Mum, Dad and our human brother Andy. We have two human sisters and one human brother who had moved out before we cam along. We love people and dogs especially when they come to visit us.
Megan and Jimmy

A bit of history

Mum had me for her birthday, when I was 8 weeks old she travelled with Dad up to Nottingham to bring me home. Then when I was one on Mum's next birthday Mum, Me and Grandpa travelled to Borehamwood near London to pick up Megan and bring her home. I had to wait in the car with Grandpa because a few other westies lived in the house. Mum said there were ten little puppies rolling and tumbling all over one another. Mum met Megan's Dad and she said she had never seen such a large westie. Megan was terrible all the way home she cried and yelled.
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Our Mum is our most favourite person in our family. Mum says Dad travels a long way to work so we are still asleep when he leaves in the morning but we see him when he comes home at night. Ian is our oldest human brother and he lives in Sheffield but I have never been to visit him because I am a naughty girl sometimes, Jimmy has been before though. Kate is our oldest human sister and she lives near Birmingham, Helen our other sister lives in Southam just down the road from us and Andy our other human brother lives here with us, well if he's not at his girlfriends. Our mum used to have a few cats but she only has us now which is a good job because we don't like cats!

The things we love and the things we hate!

Jimmy: My very favourite toy is my big furry ball when anybody comes or when dad comes home I get my ball and put it on their foot then I sit and wait, very soon they will kick it because they can't resist my my cute little face. I've got a big snake I've had since I was little I like to play with that with Megan.
Megan: Teddies I love Teddies I like to lie down and suck my teddies nose it helps me feel sleepy. I like flower pots as well I throw them in the air and have a lovely game with them. I love my Kong toy when my stuffs it with cheese and Jimmy and me take ages to eat it all out.

We hate cats,post people, anything that comes throught the letter box, birds that come in our garden, black refuse sacks, the hoover and food mixer!
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Us With Our Mum

My Latest News
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