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Adventures of a Cairn and Westie

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Hi! I'm Katy, a thirteen year old Westie with big ears, a big bark, and very little patience. My most favorite things are rawhide bones, dog cookies, and long walks. My least favorite things are baths, visits to the vet, and having my Cairn sister Penny conduct a surprise attack on me. I learned to climb at an early age (mainly to get away from Penny), and can escape any predicament. My mom and dad have given me lots of nicknames, including Lady Katy, Flannel Face, Katydid, Olive Nose, Bottlebrush Nose, Meat Stealer, Snooter, Bubby Puppy, and Banana Flake. Whew!
"Me looking regal..."

Cairn Capers

My name's Penny and I'm also thirteen years old. I like bumble bees (yumm, tasty!), tennis balls, and pouncing on my sister Katy. I make lots of noise and can growl fiercely if you disturb my sleep, steal my toys, or place anything where it doesn't belong. (Don't you TOUCH my tennis ball or your fingers are MINE!) Mom and dad call me lots of things, too. The more printable ones are Snuffy, Pinto Bean, Taz, Snarley Face, Meatball, Miss Pinto, Bandito, and Bee Keeper.
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Greedy is my middle name...

Click to see larger photo Patience is a virtue...

For a terrier, I'm pretty patient and tolerant. It comes from living with a very ferocious Cairn and having to endure lots of torment. I usually give in to Penny, but every once in a while if she pushes me too far, I let her know who's the boss!
Still floppy at 10 weeks old

...Patience is for losers!

I generally run things around here. As with most Cairns, I have only two speeds - FAST and OFF...nothing escapes my attention. My mouth is also faster than my brain since there are quite a few things that I've gulped down without even tasting - Mom and Dad are always going "Ewwww!".
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All the toys are MINE

Our Vital Statistics
Breed: Cairn Terrier
Born: July 1994
Weight: 12.5 pounds
Color: Cinnamon
Likes: Ice, Kibbles
Dislikes: Vacuum cleaner, loud noises

Breed: Westie
Born: September 1994
Weight: 16 pounds
Color: White (of course!)
Likes: Cheese, Sitting on laps
Dislikes: Mushrooms, baths

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Penny and Katy hog one lap...
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