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Kelsi and Hannah - Westie girls
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Click to see larger photo Our Birthdays. & info

Kelsi - 29th June 1999

Hannah -7th August 2001

We live with our Mum in Melbourne Australia...
Hannah & Kelsi


Kelsi - is the "Clown", she loves nothing better than to sleep or play.

Hannah - "little monkey" is a bundle of energy always on the go, she LOVES television, and annoying Kelsi.
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Click to see larger photo Our Best friends

Geordie (Westie)he's 7 & Kelsi's 1/2 brother and Lily (Westie) she's 6, her father is Hannah's grandfather.

Our Favorite things

Kelsi - Food;squeaky toys; sleeping;walks;car.

Hannah - stuffed green turtle;squeaky toys;car; watching TV (her favourite).
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Our Latest News
Kelsi & Hannah are very allergy prone Westies (Atopic). But love nothing better than to patrol the yard for intruders be they human or feathered...

Kelsi 8.4kg
Hannah 6.4kg
This website belongs to Kelsi and Hannah

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