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My Westie lilibeth
Sophisticated Westie from Michigan!

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Hello, my name is lilibeth! Thank you for visiting with me.
As you may be able to tell, I love posing for the camera...

Have been featured in several calendars, including the Terrier Club one.
Pearls and Lace

A bit of history

I live in a forest with a pond and lots of wild life. My most favorite game is soccer and I am a champion soccer player.

Also I feel very Scottish and wear kilts for special occasions.
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Wearing my Black Watch kilt and tam

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My birthday is in October - I will be an interesting 7 then and my sister Gisselle will be 3 in November so we have good parties with a pretty cake and lots of ice cream.

In case you were wondering, my sister Gisselle is NOT a westie... she is a Scottish dog too but she is a Bearded Collie. They are supposed to herd woolly mammoths (or is it sheep?)
Birthday Surprise!

My Favorite Things

Well, I must say, one of my favorite things is food. Maybe that is why I am the poster pup for the IAMS photo contest.That and the fact that the camera loves me....

I love exploring, my toys, wearing ribbons and writing to my friends.

Do you like the Gossip Column? Send some news in.... We love to hear from you.
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Poster Dog for the IAMS photo contest

My Latest News
My sister and I have a new Boutique


All proceeds go to rescue pups in need. Please visit
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