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Introducing Lily

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My name is Lily and I live in New Jersey. I live in a rural area with deer and wild turkeys that walk through my yard. That keeps me busy barking at them to protect my home. I am the love of my Mommy and she does spoil me a lot!

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I was born in Florida 4 years ago. Mommy flew down to get me and bring me home when I was 8 weeks old. I was her first Westie. I am a small little girl, only 17 pounds! I love to dress up in my coats, sweaters, jamies, scarves, neck bands, dresses and bows. I call them my pretties and know just what they are when you say," do you want to wear your pretty?"

I am a very smart little girl and often warn my Mommy when something is wrong. One time I was sitting in my window, watching our neighbor across the street work on his driveway. Next thing Mommy knew, I was out by her barking my little head off. She finally followed me into the living room and I pointed out the window. When she looked, she saw that our neighbor was lying on the driveway. She ran ran across the street. Then the neighbor sat up and stretched his arms..he had been lying down to rest his back. Everyone laughed, but they all said how smart I was to realize that something was not right and get Mommy.

Mommy loves me so much because I am a girl and I love to wear clothes. I cuddle at night right by my Mommy on the bed and am always not too far away from her.

My bestestest girliefriend is Jolly, who lives in Indiana and I'm going to get to meet her this Summer when she comes to visit me.

I just became a Therapy Dog and Mommy and I visit at Nursing Homes and Hospitals where all the people there are so glad to meet me.
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Lily the diva

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Lily is a model on E-Bay

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My Puppy Dog Plaids Outfit

My statistics...
Lily was born November 3, 2003 and weighs 17 pounds
This website belongs to Lily, Sir William, Boomer

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