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Click to see larger photo My story

The man who had me left me in a shelter in Jackson, NJ. You can see my bald chest peeking out in this picture. My left ear hardly had any hair on it either! I guess I'm a lucky guy cause I'm real happy now and not bald at all!
The first time my new Mom got a look at me!

A bit of history

My Mom and Dad and big brother Silver came to meet me in June 2005. As soon as I met Silver I knew we would be best buddies! I think I grew on him! I went to live with my new family on July 5th 2005. We had a lot of fun playing but when I didn't go home I think Silver got a little worried! But I won him over in a day or two. Now he won't leave me alone! When Mom gives me a bath he has to get in there and help. Even when I get brushed he wants to put his big nose in and help.
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I could really use a trim!

Click to see larger photo My family

Silver! Get Macaroon's head out of your mouth!

My favorite things

I love anything that squeaks!! Ratboy was my favorite toy but Mom brought home a hedgehog and a frog that I just love to squeak! Silver is not a squeaking kind of guy but he does like to tease me with my toys! When we play tug of war he wins unless I get Mom to be on my side of the rope.
My favorite food is anything that Mom or Dad have on their plates!! They don't share much but sometimes I beat Silver to a dropped tidbit!
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My Latest News
I'm a cute 2 year old boy. I don't remember my exact birthday but I came to my new home on July 5th, 2005 so Mom made that my Birth Date.
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