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Hi,my name is Crownridge Malcolm Kilraeke, Malcolm for short. I was born in Washington state on May 19,2005. I came to live with my new family when I was 9 months old. I lived with my first mom where I was born until she found just the right place for me. I'm glad she found my new mom and dad, they love me very much. They are very patient with my puppy ways. I have three special friends Hermione, Rowena and Angie. You can read all about them below. My favortie thing to do is to play in the dirt with Hermione and Rowena all day and get cleaned up at night and come in to watch t.v. with my friends and family. There is this little human named Aiden who is my special friend. He loves to play with me. He never gets tired. Mom says we remind her of the energizer bunny, our batteries never wear out.
My very special time is sometimes on the weekends my mom and dad get us all cleaned up and put on our fancy collars and bandanas and take us to this place called LaJolla. LaJolla is a costal village in Southern California that loves dogs. I always get special treats from the store owners there. Check back for funny stories about me and my friends.
Malcolm 9 months old

Hermione's story

Hi, my name is Kiraeke's Clever Witch, Hermione for short. Some of you may recognize that I have been named after a very special witch, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. I was born April 1, 2005. My mom and dad come from Ireland, but I was born in America. Now I live with my mom, Elizabeth who is the daughter of Malcolm's parents. We live very close to Malcolm and I go over there to play all the time. I have a golden retriever sister named Winona. She is fun too, she lets me bite her tail and play snarly mouth, but she has been busy lately with her new puppies. They are cute, but at first they looked like little rats to me. Now they are bigger than I am and like to chase me everywhere. This makes my mom laugh. Rowena is my special friend too, she is my age and we like to pounce on Malcolm, especially when he thinks he is the boss.
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The Clever Witch

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Hi,my name is Kilraeke's Highland Princess, Rowena for short. I was born 3/31/2005 and came to live with my family when I was 9 weeks old. I live with Malcolm and Angie. My special mom is Robin, she is 13 years old. We are the best of friends. I sleep in a special pink bed in her room every night. She gives me baths and plays with me all the time. I am very good to sit and chew on my chewy while she does her homework or fall asleep on her lap at night watching t.v. Her favorite show is American Idol. I think it's kind of boring so I fall asleep if I'm not chasing Malcolm around. I love to play ball. Malcolm and Hermione don't get it. My mom Robin taught me how and I can retriever and everything. So I always get new balls to play with and Malcolm doesn't because he doesn't know what to do with besides chew it to bits. Boys are so weird. Winona's puppies were at my house for awhile I was very interested in them. My mom thought that I might try and eat them because they looked like rats, but I fooled them I just wanted to kiss them. Hermione tells me they drive her crazy, I guess they are going to their new homes soon. I think Hermione will secretly miss them. I am a very happy girl, I love to smile. My mom loves to kiss my face, I like that.
The Highland Princess

Angie's story

Hi, my name is Goldleaves Bea's Little Angel, Angie for short. I was born 2/13/97, I just turned 9 years old. I have lived with my family since I was 7 weeks old. I am the resident house dog. For a long time I was the AKC Canine Ambassador in our town. My mom and I went to elementary schools and did Responsible Pet Ownership presentations. I loved going, I did all my tricks and showed off. The kids got to watch a special video and of course pet me. I did a very impressive find the ball trick. That was my favorite trick. Mom always left the kids with a coloring book and special bookmark to take home. I was very popular and still am. I don't go any longer because I am a little older now. Now I play with the westie's! Sometimes they get on my nerves, but I really don't mind I just get up and move. You would be surprised what I know about my family. Secrets I'll never tell.
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Our Statistics
Malcolm- born 5/19/2005
weighs 17lbs

Hermione- born 4/1/2005
weighs 12lbs

Rowena- born 3/31/2005
weighs 14lbs
This website belongs to Malcolm

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