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The Lads...Haggis and McTavish!

Click to see larger photo Brothers ArFFF We!

We're brothers born in the glorious UK!
Now we live in America...the good ol' USA.

We are handsome young laddies,
This you can see.

Please join us with other terriers
At this grand club called TC!
Brothers to the Bone!

We Have a "Bone" to pick with U!

Squirrels...especially the albino one that taunts us!
The door bell...don't ring it or we will get ya! Grrrr.
The pool...we think Mum and Dad are drowning.
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We're in the DAWG house again?

Click to see larger photo Our Favorites

Our FAVES...
Mum and Dad
Kids, they have as much energy as we do!
Our friend, CG, the most beautiful poodle!
Tinkling on the Westies' noses over the back fence!! (There are three Westies over the fence, we always have a "leg up" over them! LOL!!)
We love turkey and chicken...yum!
Carrots...give em' to us...best treats of all...crunch!
Going for walkies or rides!
Mom reads McDuff stories to us...love 'em!
Sun bathing...love the rays of the sun against our faces!!!
Soaking Up Rays!

Looking for FairyGodmother!

Click to see larger photo
FGM...are you there?

Sugar is Our New Sis!
Sugar is the newest addition to our pack. She arrived at her forever home on Dec. 6, 2002. She was rescued from a "kill" shelter in Little Rock Arkansas by her angel, Georgia. (Georgia works for a rescue group called Helping Hands for Little Paws in Little Rock.)

This precious princess is now living life to the fullest with us. She celebrates life each day; chasing squirrels, playing with us, killing her toys, and giving lots of love to mom and dad.

Please view her photo on "My Latest Pix".
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