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Ms. Millicent (Millie to my Friends!)

Click to see larger photo My Arrival.......

I came to live with my new family when I was but 6 weeks old. As you can see I had cute little floppy ears, and only weighed 3 pounds.

It didn't take long to steal their hearts.....
Wee me as I first arrived.

Just look at me!

Here I stand showing that 175 pound St. Bernard, that lives behind me, I'm every bit as big as him....haha
Click to see larger photo
I can hold my ears and tail up.

Click to see larger photo The Sister I never met.

This is a picture of my Sister Ms. Taffy, which I never met. She had to take the journey to Rainbow Bridge. She was with my Mom for almost 14 years.

My hu-sister and hu-brothers thought Mom was so sad, and went and found me. They knew I'd be able to help her smile again....

When I came to live with Mom she was sad, and I've help make her happy again....We know Ms. Taffy is my Guardian Angel that looks over me.
Ms. Taffy

I'm a big girl now!

I'm growing up so fast Mom says. I now weigh almost 16 pounds. Mom said I'm going to be a 'robust' girl...

But then I do love to eat. Mom feeds me lamb and veggies.

I enjoy spending most of the time outside digging.

I've a Wiggly Giggly ball that I'm still trying to do in.

My favorite bedtime toy is my Teddy Bear my Auntie Peggy sent me.
Click to see larger photo
Mom said this look can steal hearts.

My Latest News
I've a new Scotty Sister now too. We see who can dig the deepest holes....haha

I'd love for any of you other Terriers to come help us dig!

We've found some yummy grub worms.
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