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Leslie and Her Westies 3

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Here we are...
Gee Willikers MacIntosh
Ozzie MacTavish
Webster MacDougall
We Love Our Sweaters!

Ozzie MacTavish

Here I am! I was born on Dec. 15, 1992 in Sacramento, California. I love to be a couch potato and I love to lie on the hot concrete in the middle of the summer. I am pretty mellow now but I used to be called "Kamakazi Ozzie" in my youth. I have many nicknames and my latest is "The Zsa!"...don't ask!
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"The Zsa!"

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I was born in Red Bluff, California on April 19, 1998. My mom says I am the athlete of the family. I love to swim laps in our pool, climb rocky cliffs and run and run and run! I have a favorite toy called "ballie"..please don't touch it! My rival is Webster...one day I'm going to put a "Westie For Sale" ad in the paper...Mwhahahahaha!
My favorite nickname is "Pups" or "Sweetie the Pups". I have so many I don't know who they are calling sometimes!
"Sweetie the Pups"

Webster MacDougall

Last but not least... the baby of the family. I was born on June 19, 2001 in Minnesota... although my mom lives in Maryland. When I was 8 weeks old, I flew First Class to California with my 3 siblings. That's where I met my new family. My mom says I am "all westie", whatever that means! When I was little I loved to chew on plastic hangers and discarded water bottles...still do :o) . I love to "Arrroooo" with Willikers and drive him nuts..."Mwahahaha!" My nickname is Webster Vash...it's a long story!
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"Webster Vash"

My Latest News
The biggest and latest news in our family is that all 3 boys have girlfriends...

Webster and Miss Maddie
Willikers and Sambuca
Ozzie and Hattie

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