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The Wonderful World of 3 Happy Westies

Click to see larger photo The Wonderful Life of Three Westies from Omaha, Ne

We are a Happy Trio of Westies from Omaha, Nebraska!
Ralphie is 9, Abby Lu is 5 & Winnie is 1 year old.
We LOVE to play & hunt for critters in the woods. Mom likes to take us "Power Walking" on the trails at Willow Point Lake in Ashland, Nebraska!
We have LOTS of toys at the lake house. We go convertible riding, boating, swimming, 4 Wheeling & Golf Carting with Dad & Mom.
We get REALLY dirty doing Sand ZOOMIES!!!
Checking out the tree for Critters!!!

We Westies Just LOVE Having Fun with our Parents!

Nine years ago Larry (Dad) brought Ralphie to Mom (A.J.) as a surprise puppy!!!
Well, once they were owned by one Westie, Mom just had to have a sister for Ralph, so Along came Abby Lu. The fall of 2002, We were fostering a Westie named Winnie for Westie Rescue of Missouri, we all fell in love with her, so now we are ALL a family!!!
Life is SO GOOD!!!!
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Oh, Smell that Nebraska Sea Air on the boat !!!

Click to see larger photo We have lots of Friends & Fans

In addition to THREE Westies, we also have two Persian brothers, Chuck & Fwankie.
We all get along great!
We play, eat and snooze together! We also have some great neighbors both two and 4 legged!. Chin, Rustie and Sadie love to come over & play.
We live on the Oak Hills Golf course...so there are LOTS of critters who come visit. We even 'Scared an Oppossum to Death' (until he walked away.)
Dad's Shrine Parade 66 Mustang Convertible!

We love to have our pictue taken by Mom.

In addition to playing,& Zooming, and digging,we have our picture taken ALOT!!!
We were SO EXCITED when we won the Terrier Club Photo of the Year Contest!!!
(Thanks to the great support of our friends)
We have been on two calendars at www.westie.net, and also have been the IMAGE OF THE WEEK several times at our very favorite place:
We have MANY friends from all over the world!!!
That's how Mom became involved in Westie Rescue of Missouri. Now life is Even More Exciting helping other Westies find a loving forever new home.
We hope you will support Westie Rescue!!!
Click to see larger photo
Ready to Play the 'Back 9 With Dad'!!!!

Best of Year Best of Year Winner (2002)

Ralph and Abby Lu won The Terrier Club "Best of Year" photo contest for 2002!

We Love to Help with Westie Rescue!!!
BE SURE when you have time to check out our links..
& Our Photo Album.
We have some Great sites for the Westie & Persian lovers & will be adding MORE!!!
IF you have a Special Site that would like to be considered...Just let our Mom, A.J. Know!!!
Mom & Dad are a apart of Westie Rescue of Missouri. We never know when they are going to bring home a Westie in need of a new forever home.
We love to have guests & let them know that they are very Welcome in our home until just the right loving forever home for found for them!!!
This website belongs to Ralph, Abby and Winnie

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