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Welcome to Roo's Place

Click to see larger photo THIS IS ME!

Here I am -- Roo! Gotta love me!

I am a rescue Westie, originally from way down south but I am a Yankee now, living with my family on an old farm
in Upstate New York.

I've got a Mom and Dad and human brother,
and then there's my C-A-T, Holly.
Me and my Monkey

Just pottering along . . .

Nothing is quite as special as a walk in the garden . . .
(looking for some way to get into mischief!)
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Roodie Doodie

Click to see larger photo Make-over, anyone?!?!?!

I got into Mom's lipstick. Lovely shade, isn't it?!
Roo likes make-up!!!

"Captain" Roo

Mom and Dad took me to a lake in the Adirondacks for a week. I loved going boating every day in my new life jacket!
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About Me . . .
My birthday is July 16, 2001. I love the color green, long runs anywhere, spending time with Mom and Dad.
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