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Welcome from Smidgen, Skeeter, Skylar and McTavish

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Smidgen and Skeeter are very happy sisters
Smidgen And Skeeter's Story

Smidgen & Skeeter are Westie (West Highland White Terrier) sisters who were born January 29, 1999. They are bonded for life and best buddies forever.
They take turns aggravating and teasing each other...until the desired response is received. Smidgen will grab Skeeter's leg and pull, enticing her to play. Skeeter will bark into Smidgen's ear until Smidgen jumps on her. They chase each other all around the house using the furniture as an obstacle course. Energy spent, they may sleep curled up on the highest couch pillows, or possibly under the computer desk...as long as we are close by.

The backyard is their own personal agility course: steps to run up, jumps into the raised flower beds, trails behind the bushes, leaps into the woodpile, and the crowning glory of races around the gazebo and up onto the hot tub. Exhausted, they normally like to recharge on the porch glider. There, they can guard their domain, ever vigilant to storm the yard after any marauders (squirrels, toads, etc) foolish enough to invade the territory of the great white hunters.

Smidgen, with her beautiful deep bark, is very happy-go-lucky, without a care in the world. She loves to spread her kisses around, both to her humans and to her sister. Skeeter, too smart for her own good, is more high-strung...but also constantly and freely distributes kisses.

Petite Skeeter is as agile and graceful as a cat...feline blood must run in her veins. She loves to have her back scratched; she very nearly performs a dance on her hind legs, waving her paws around until she gets her daily massage. Jumping easily into your lap and gazing longingly at every morsel of food is an easy trick for her. Smidgen displays much better manners; she covets your food from a distance or jumps onto the pillows behind your back and sneaks a lick or two.

Skeeter is a proponent of "the grass is always greener on the other side" philosophy; a treat or toy in Smidgen's mouth is always more appetizing or fun than the one (even if identical) Smidgen has. Skeeter will whine and roll over onto her back until Smidgen pounces on her. Unprotected for a split second, Skeeter darts in to steal the coveted treat or toy. Good-natured Smidgen normally allows the deception but occasionally reaches her limit and retaliates.

Couch pillows are their favorite choices for sleepy times. Under a chair would be Smidgen's second choice while the tile floor is a close second for Skeeter. They adore going for walks and start getting excited whenever they see us putting our sneakers on. Smidgen gets so hyped that she turns around and "attacks" Skeeter for the first block...one step forward and one step back to pounce!!

They love watching home videos...as long as they are the stars. It is hilarious to watch as they run around barking and jumping at the screen as if attempting to scare away the strange Westies brazen enough to enter their house without an invitation. Animal shows rank second on their preferred entertainment list. They actually sit on the couch watching the screen, reacting only when an animal appears.

They do a great beaver imitation by moving the woodpile one stick at a time and pulling blossoms and branches from their favorite Rose of Sharon bush. This Westie team knows their positions: Skeeter pulls the branches down and Smidgen sits on it to hold it.

They have even given us special jobs to perform: doorman, massage therapist, entertainment director, waiter, sanitation engineer, excavation supervisor, hairstylist, pedicurist, personal trainer, and dogkill removal worker.

These Westie characters can best be summed up as totally loveable, constantly entertaining, occasionally aggravating beyond endurance, and completely priceless. We cannot imagine life without them.

Skylar Joins The Family

Skylar joined the family in November of 2001. She is a female Cairn Terrier. She was found wandering the streets. Helping Hands for Little Paws, a local rescue organization, sprung her from the kill shelter. We got her from Helping Hands after a Terrier Club friend,Georgia, told us about her.

Skylar could by anywhere from 4 to 10 years old. Her behavior isn't an indication. Sometimes she runs around madly chasing the pups or chasing leaves outside. Other times, she is content to sleep in our laps. She is a very, very sweet dog who is extremely well-behaved. She adores being outside. Having a yard would be worth it just to watch her interaction with nature!! She can stay outside for hours prowling the yard, chasing leaves or just sitting still enjoying the sunshine. She has the cutest little throaty play growl. I don't know if that is Skylar specific or Cairn specific. She also gets on her back legs and pounces when she is playing. Very, very cute...

Skylar has adjusted well to the family. The Westies needed a little added spice to their lives. Skylar is probably the alpha dog and occasionally has issues with Smidgen. They have been getting along great lately though. Smidgen can act like a little mama somtimes, licking both dog's ears. The adoption of Skylar has given both Westies a new playmate. Skeeter now has a sister who enjoys toys too...although no pup will ever love toys like Skeeter does (until McTavish came anyway!!) Smidgen has a playmate who loves to play chase, giving couch potato Smidgen a great workout. Skeeter, who was very finicky about her food, has started cleaning her plate with no encouragement. She must think Skylar is a threat to her food!!
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Skylar is our little Cairn Angel

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McTavish is a sweet, spoiled little boy
McTavish Joins the Family

McTavish is our very first male dog. We got him in July of 2003. He was eight weeks old. He is very, very sweet, willful and extremely smart!! He loves his sisters and plays differently with all of them. Smidgen is probably his favorite sister. They play like little grizzly bears. Ever since he was a puppy, he grabs hold of her muzzle and will practically attach himself to her as they run outside. She displays great tolerance with him. Skeeter, the little Toy Police loves to play tug with him. Skylar was The Sheriff when he was a puppy. She ran interference if she thought her sisters were being too rough with him. Hilarious, considering how roughly she played and still plays with him!! Mac eats it up. He loves chases and wrestles with his older sister, Skylar. Mac keeps all of his sisters in good form. He constantly carries a toy around in his mouth. He can't go outside without one. He is a hoot!! When he is in a full sprint, he tucks his tush under and looks like a bunny running across the yard!! He also has been the easiest pup, out of five dogs, to train. Just like the girls, we can't imagine life without him!! We are very blessed with all these pups.

Their Favorite Things

All four love each other first and foremost. They also love their humans. Smidgen's next priority is food!! She is our canine clock letting us know when it is breakfast or suppertime!! She is one of the sweetest natured dogs you could ever meet. She is extremely happy-go-lucky. She loves to go for walks, but will refuse to go unless every member of her canine and human family accompanies her. She is very stubborn about this resistance. We cannot take her for a walk by herself. It becomes a drag instead of a walk.

Skeeter loves to mooch food...although it seldom works. Her favorite pastime is playing with toys. Her nickname is "toy police." She steals toys away from the other two girls and occasionally from Mac. I think she has met her match in her little brother though!! Skeeter constantly drags toys outside with her. It is another game. Skeeter will smack toys in the faces of Mac and Skylar trying to get them to play!! Why Skylar, especially, puts up with that is beyond us!!. Skeeter and Mac are the only terriers I have seen who will actually retrieve toys when you throw them. Skeeter is very sweet too and is the most sensitive of the three girls. Skeeter is the neediest one. She craves attention.

Skylar lives to be outside. Perhaps she never was in her previous life. She really pouts when the weather is bad!! Everyday, she becomes integrated more and more into our family. She also loves to meet other dogs and has elected herself as protector of her pack!! If a big dog takes an aggressive stance or growls, Skylar asserts herself while the Westies are hiding behind her. She is becoming much more of a lapdog and loves to be held in dadís lap and petted. Spoiled, never!!!

McTavish loves his sisters, but he also loves us. Many a time, the girls will be outside and he will stay inside with us. He lives to play. He loves to retrieve toys. It is his favorite thing in the world...next to his sister, Smidgen!! He enjoyed our beach trip more than any of the dogs. He had a great time.
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Smidgen, McTavish, Skylar and Skeeter on the swing

Additional Information
Here are the weights of the four dogs: Smidgen, 17.5; Skeeter, 15.5; Skylar, 15 and McTavish, 19.5.

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