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The boys in sunny, Ormond Beach, FL

Click to see larger photo Gocha Day 4/5/2009

On Sunday at noon on the above date, my forever family came to pick me up. At first, I nipped at the little dog they brought with them. The woman said that she didn't think the arrangement was going to work.

Then we all went inside and the people all watched as we sniffed and jumped on each other. After a while, the little dog & I started to tolerate each other.

The new humans were then willing to give me a forever home. We drove for quite a while and I started to like them; they petted my ears & head and scratched under my chin.

Then the van stopped and we all got out;but it wasn't a home, it was a doggie park where the little dog who they called Rascal and I got to run around and play & leave our mark on lots of trees, benches & the fence.

There were lots of nice people and other dogs there. It was fun to be off leash. They even had bowls of cool water to drink.

I remember thinking that I was happy & wagging my tail; I think I'm going to like my new life. Then we all got back into the van and drove a little bit longer. The next time we stopped, I heard the people say, "Southpaw, this is your new forever home."

A fenced back yard!

The woman refered to herself as "Mommy" and called the man "Daddy." They took Rascal & me into the house and opened a sliding door and let us run free again. I sniffed everything, rolled in the grass and found some lizards to chase. Rascal followed me everywhere.

We could go in and out of the house whenever we wanted. What fun!
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Southpaw & Rascal sniffing

Click to see larger photo My brother Rascal

The little guy turns out to be a 2-yr.-old Silky Terrier who only weighs 11 lbs. He's pretty laid back and even shares most of his toys (except one called "Baby"). Mommy found me a bigger one that is my "Baby,"--and mine squeeks--so there, Rascal.

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a furry, gray thing walking around. Of course, like any terrier, I had to run after it. She's a cat named "Sophie" who has lived here for 12 or 13 years. The old girl is still pretty fast and she can jump on high things that I can't reach. She keeps her distance, but doesn't seem the least bit afraid of me.
Hey, I'm Rascal

The first week

On Wednesday, of the first week at my new furever home, Rascal & I went in the van with Mommy. They dropped me off at the groomer's (Kim). When Mommy came back she said I was handsome. Mommy also bought oatmeal shampoo.

When we got back home she let us run free in the back yard. I found some old dirty water and sat in it. It felt real good. Mommy took me inside and sprayed the dirt off; as soon as she let go of me, I ran back outside and did it again. TeeHee. Boys will be boys.

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Getting dirty feels good!!

My Latest News
Southpaw's gotcha day is 4/5/2009. He weighs 19.2 lbs.
He is a 7-yr-old Westie who is still very active & playful.

Rascal, a Silky Terrier, was born 2/21/07. He came to his furever home when he was 10-weeks-old. He literally is his name. He weighs 11 lbs.
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