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My Loveable Cairn

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The day that my Mom and Hu-Brother saw me they knew that I was the one for them.
Here's my Patriotic bandana

A bit of history

The day I came home I was give a nice bed and alot of toys to play with and lots of hugs.
I have been rather healthy but I did have a liver shunt and had to have surgery to correct it and now I'm doing super.
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Wicket smiling

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I live with My Mom and my Hu-brother and Hu-grandparents with alot of other critters such as 5 CATS(yuck)
a parrot, a turtle, some fish and a rabbit.
A day at the beach

My favorite things

My favorite toy is a green and tan ball that use to look like a frog, but if I can't find it I will find any toy to play and have fun with my family.
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My 5th Birthday

My Latest News
DOB: 3/26/1998
weight: 18lbs
I live in: New Hampshire
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