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Click to see larger photo Here's Zoey and Kelsey

Hi My name is Zoey and I was Mary's first westie. (unfortunately Zoey died in May) and Mary adopted Kelsey in June.
Zoey came from Ohio and just loved being in this house. Mary's Dad gave the best massages ever.
Kelsey came from Amherst, NY.
her parents live there and belong to the terrier club too.
We live in Boston, NY. , not far from Buffalo.
Zoey at 1 year

A little bit about Zoey and Kelsey

Zoey came from a breeder in Ohio and was adopted from a kennel in western new york.
She was 10 weeks old and ruled the house when she came. I just loved her.
Kelsey came from a private home in Amherst, NY.. She came to me at 7 weeks of age and is already bossing me around.
Kelsey's parents are Duncan and Nikita who belong to the terrier club. So I have them to thank for such a beautiful puppy.
Kelsey and Mary are moved to North Carolina in August 2001 , but will always call Western new York home.
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Think they'll find me here?

Click to see larger photo My Family and us

Zoey was an only westie, but loved everyone. She followed me all over the place.
Kelsey has 4 brothers who all live not to far away.
Both lived with Mary and her Dad in Boston, NY., a beautiful place.
Mary has a brother Dave & his wife Charlotte, they are cool or so Zoey said. She just loved Dave.
Zoey also loved kids a lot.
We moved to North Carolina in 2001.
Kelsey at age 4

Our favorite things

Zoey loved anything squeaky, the louder the squeak the better she liked it. She had a ball that she got her 1st X-mas and it had a loud squeak.
If she brought that to you, you were in, in her book.
Kelsey likes squeaky too. She's still learning and exploring everything.
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Kelsey at the beach

Here's more...
Zoey and Kesley resided in Boston, New York about 20 miles south of Buffalo. They had a nice yard to play in and a great area to take walks in.Zoey was born on July 30, 1999.
Zoey died on May 15, 2001, when she ran into the road and got hit by a school bus, making us all very sad. Zoey had just trained to be a therapy dog and was ready to go to her first nursing home.
She also visited my 5th grade class for 2 years and just loved going to school. We even put her name on a D.A.R.E. shirt for her to wear when the children had their picture taken for their DARE officer.
Kelsey is now 4 years old and was born on April 30, 2001. It is great to have her with us, she came to us on June 16, 2001 and has filled the house with joy.

We now live in North Carolina and kelsey is a sun dog. She loves to lay in the sun and get a tan.
This website belongs to Zoey and Kelsey

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