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By: catherine (Jun 30 2014)
lovely westies

By: Elena (Jun 30 2014)
verry nice

By: Riley (Jun 30 2014)
Riley is the choice. Please vote

By: Hannah (Jun 30 2014)
Molly is the best - she is beautiful

By: Marissa (Jun 30 2014)
Good luck Riley!!!!!

By: Crazy Yorkie Lady (Jun 30 2014)
Riley is an adorable boy!

By: Maggie's Mom (Jun 30 2014)
I'm voting for adorable yorkie my Maggie came in 2nd place last month

By: Maggie's mom (Jun 30 2014)
Count on me for a vote everyday

By: Max and Luna (Jul 1 2014)
Miss Lea is such a beautiful westie and she has a wonderful life with her family, we love to see her and her brother every day,good luck , we will vote for you every day🌹🌹

By: Teresa Smith (Jul 1 2014)
Precious lil furbaby!!

By: Christopher (Jul 1 2014)
Love Roxy❤️

By: Jeanette (Jul 1 2014)

By: Elena (Jul 2 2014)

By: Bella (Jul 2 2014)

By: kpTKrLlZKj (Jul 2 2014)

By: dmubMDJqPtOYBErgW (Jul 3 2014)

By: Miriam (Jul 3 2014)

By: StSyafvKfjKPM (Jul 3 2014)

By: Ali (Jul 4 2014)
Vote for Roxy, she's a little cutie . Who could resist those big brown eyes!

By: Antoinette (Jul 4 2014)
Thank you all for voting for my sweet girl Roxy!!

By: Carol warren (Jul 5 2014)
I have voted fpr molly because she is just like my molly. She looks has if she could be mischieinys and blame anyone elsa for what she has done,GOOD LUCK Molly xxx

By: Sara (Jul 5 2014)

By: Florentina Moisescu (Jul 5 2014)
Votat Lea

By: Sarah (Jul 6 2014)
Yes Carol, Molly is certainly that - thank you for voting for her x

By: esinatra (Jul 11 2014)
For the past three days, my votes have not counted, and I am careful to wait 24 hours between each time I vote. WHY?

By: NOLAGIRL (Jul 14 2014)

By: JR (Jul 15 2014)
Craigen from Maine--we think your tops!!

By: Evie (Jul 16 2014)
Cute just like momma

By: MARIA SILVA (Jul 16 2014)
Riley is Young and he's so adorable! So lets Go RILEY!

By: Kelly (Jul 19 2014)
Go Roxy

By: Violetataina (Jul 20 2014)
Best of luck Roxy! ❤️

By: Nick Lombardo (Jul 21 2014)
Let's go Roxy

By: Maria (Jul 22 2014)
Nice ;)

By: tallulahrose (Jul 23 2014)
craigen-a good looking scottie lass, he is even sporting his tartan

By: Twig (Jul 23 2014)
So cute

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