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By: Diana (Sep 1 2014)
You are indeed a handsome colonel Mac good luck

By: Chris L. (Sep 1 2014)
Pogo is a rescued doggie and I come to vist loves to cuddle. Very sweet

By: Mimi (Sep 2 2014)
We love our Wesley, the Westie!

By: adie (Sep 3 2014)
I happen to know ms. peaches and I must say see Is prize worthy. mom , dad, included for teaching and caring for this special little princess

By: Peaches (Sep 5 2014)
Thanks to all my furry friends and family that have voted for me...I WOOF YOU!

By: Rosalind (Sep 7 2014)
They are all winners in my opinion!

By: bitmans13@comcast.net (Sep 8 2014)
lets go Peaches

By: Peaches (Sep 8 2014)

By: Gramma Sharon (Sep 9 2014)
Yeah, Peaches. You are so cute!

By: peaches (Sep 10 2014)
why doesnt the vote change her number ive been trying too vote for peaches

By: Roz S. (Sep 11 2014)
What a little beauty!

By: Desire (Sep 11 2014)
Vote for Peaches

By: Judy C-Owens (Sep 11 2014)
Ivote for sweet Peaches

By: Lil Fi (Sep 12 2014)
I vote for peaches

By: Desiree (Sep 12 2014)
Peaches is just a beautiful Yorkie , I have ever seen,

By: Tammy Ferguson (Sep 12 2014)
I voted for peaches she is absolutely beautiful

By: wCYhPnrUWNiUXlPffAW (Sep 13 2014)

By: Cheri (Sep 13 2014)
Peaches, you're so adorable! Let's win!

By: Gainor (Sep 14 2014)
Peaches is a true American Yorkie.

By: Judy C-Owens (Sep 14 2014)
Ivote for sweet Peaches

By: Dulce' (Sep 15 2014)
I'm rooting for Ms. Peaches! She's a beaut!!

By: Judy C-Owens (Sep 15 2014)
Ivote for sweet Peaches j

By: Dossy (Sep 15 2014)
Brando ❤

By: homedepot (Sep 15 2014)
love brando

By: debra (Sep 15 2014)
peaches !!!!!!!!!!!!! yorkies rule

By: teambrando (Sep 15 2014)
obviously brando rulez!!!!

By: Melissa and Sophie (Sep 15 2014)
I just love your photo ! You are so beautiful . Sophie sends her love

By: Susan & Emmy (Sep 16 2014)
Hugs and kisses pretty Peaches

By: Teambrando1 (Sep 16 2014)
Go teambrando! We got this. :)

By: Kathy Neeld (Sep 16 2014)
Go Peaches you can do this!!!

By: Judy C-Owens (Sep 16 2014)
Ivote for sweet Peaches

By: tazzajay (Sep 17 2014)
thinks it is awful how the blatent cheating is allowed on here

By: voteforbrando (Sep 17 2014)
all the dogs are cute but brando gets my vote.

By: Dellia (Sep 17 2014)

By: Teambrando (Sep 17 2014)
Annnnnnd Brando was his name O

By: Teresa (Sep 17 2014)
Peaches you are most beautiful!

By: carol (Sep 17 2014)
she is beautiful,hope she wins

By: sickandtired (Sep 18 2014)
i vote brando for one reason, the same reason alot of ppl do. tired of hearing peaches mom beg for votes

By: Mary Jo (Sep 18 2014)
Peaches is perfectly beautiful!

By: OQuoFtbXHjZKafnAJ (Sep 18 2014)

By: Judy C-Owens (Sep 18 2014)
I vote for sweet peaches

By: Marci (Sep 18 2014)
Peaches is beautiful!

By: dora hill (Sep 18 2014)
peaches your beautifull

By: sadsadsad (Sep 18 2014)
its sad that people are begging for votes in yorkie groups. how pathetic.

By: sBkmQpsyoJFRHMHQAR (Sep 18 2014)

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