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BEST OF SHOW Photo Contest - December 2014

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By: Kim manning (Nov 30 2014)
Chloe is beautiful

By: Bill (Nov 30 2014)
This is who you know site not the dog that deserves to win

By: Matt wade (Nov 30 2014)
Shes so cute love sadie

By: Denise (Nov 30 2014)
Love you Sadie!!!

By: cathy (Dec 1 2014)
Vote for Sadie!!

By: Casey (Dec 1 2014)
Bill, they all deserve to win, all sweethearts.

By: Dudley (Dec 2 2014)
Good luck Angus 🐾🐾🐾

By: Maggie May (Dec 2 2014)

By: paddy (Dec 3 2014)
voted for me mate angus

By: Jools (Dec 3 2014)
Please vote for Angus the Westie he is lovely

By: eWuCEMZmDxXbPmTue (Dec 4 2014)

By: sadie (Dec 17 2014)
she looks very beautiful in this dress

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