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By: Lyssa (May 31 2016)
Yay Roxanne!! 😘

By: Rhonda Spellman (May 31 2016)
My sweet niece Roxie!!!😍😍😍😍 please vote for her

By: Ashley (May 31 2016)
Roxanne is such a cute little red head!!

By: Hannah (Jun 1 2016)
Come on Molly!!

By: gram (Jun 1 2016)
My beautiful granddaughter

By: deedee (Jun 2 2016)
sitting up nicely

By: LeiLei (Jun 2 2016)
cairn cutie!

By: Debbie (Jun 3 2016)
Good luck little buddy.

By: Hook (Jun 7 2016)
Nickolas is the smartest

By: twiddley (Jun 7 2016)
Hamish is so cute saying his prayers

By: LeiLei (Jun 13 2016)
handsome boy!

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