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By: Shirley King (Dec 31 2014)
This dog is so adorable and you can see that she has so much personality. I just love her.

By: Yoka (Jan 1 2015)
Awesome doggies it is hard to pick just one. they are all so cute.

By: Yoka (Jan 4 2015)
Ryan what a handsome Westie you are.and groomed to perfection.

By: tameria (Jan 5 2015)
I love Ryan. He is so cute. Photographs very well. Beautiful dog

By: Casey (Jan 5 2015)
Your all beautiful, but Jack Frost has my vote, I love the seniors

By: Paulette & Cody (Jan 5 2015)
We're rooting and voting for you.

By: Wyoming Westies (Jan 5 2015)
Go Ryan go

By: doug mckenzie (Jan 6 2015)
Really enjoy this site...I may vote for Presley, Jackson, Joplin and Piper...but truly love all these beautiful dogs! :)

By: Kathleen (Jan 7 2015)
Thank you Doug! Three of the four Westies are all rescues from Westies In Need. They all needed a fur ever home...and we say they rescued us. They are 5, 6, 7 & 8 years of age now.

By: Jeff (Jan 7 2015)
whu is the vote count the same before and ater my vote?

By: Pauline (Jan 8 2015)
So very very cute

By: Garry (Jan 8 2015)
my vote did not count and I only voted once today

By: vassarea (Jan 10 2015)
Absolutely endearing personality, affection and intelligence. The intellect always amazes me!

By: reneesuki@webtv.net (Jan 10 2015)
they are all winners!

By: Pauline (Jan 10 2015)
Such a cute little fella

By: Phred (Jan 11 2015)
what a wonderful westie!

By: arlinealto (Jan 12 2015)
I love RYAN, he is soooo amazing, and gorgeous!

By: peggy (Jan 16 2015)
These little Guys are amazing vote for them now

By: Trish (Jan 16 2015)
Tara...you are beautiful!!

By: Patricia AZ (Jan 19 2015)
Go Ryan!

By: Roula (Jan 19 2015)
Actually, the "muti-pack" of dogs shown here should not allowed on this page. There should a seperate category for more than one pet!

By: Jon (Jan 22 2015)
Think its a fix !! I vote for Molly but vote number doesn't change - maybe because she is uk not usa!!!!

By: Arline A (Jan 24 2015)
Go my gorgeous Ryan, my Champion!!

By: Kathleen (Jan 25 2015)
Our darling “Multi Pack” of Presley, Jackson, Joplin and Piper are “Champions” as well. 3 of the 4 fur babies were all rescued from Westies In Need, and given a fur ever home with us and won the ultimate race! Thank you for voting and your support! All these dogs in this contest are “CHAMPIONS!”

By: Don (Jan 25 2015)
My parents have a male Yorkie, so I voted for the one I saw on this page.

By: Ronnie & Marie (Jan 25 2015)
Go singing White Terriers in Jailhouse Rock go!

By: elvis no.fan (Jan 25 2015)
They are all winners to me :-)

By: may (Jan 26 2015)
they are so cute

By: Helen Galagher (Jan 27 2015)
absolutely my favourites ☆★☆★

By: Patsy (Jan 28 2015)
Wonderful little guys!!!! :)

By: Dolly's Mom (Jan 28 2015)
So hard to choose. ..they're all winners!

By: Arline (Jan 29 2015)
Wow, it's gonna a "photo finish" between my sweet RYAN and the Presley gang, they're all so cute! Good luck everyone!!

By: Audrey (Jan 29 2015)
GO, Presley, Jackson, Joplin & Piper, GO. YOU CAN WIN THIS

By: M MacKenzie (Jan 29 2015)
Ryan has the sweetest face!

By: Kathleen (Jan 29 2015)
Unconditional love is hard to compete with, but very soothing to the mind and heart. My rescue dogs are not my whole life, but they truly make my life whole with their unconditional love and affection. Thank you so much for voting and lending your support this month for Presley, Jackson, Joplin & Piper! Whether you were able to vote once, a couple, a few, or many times, each and every vote was noticed and very much appreciated!

By: dave schofield (Jan 30 2015)
Ryan is a beautiful and perkey Westie gentleman. I like his haircut and can see his mischief and Westietude in his eyes

By: Tina Alfaro (Jan 30 2015)
very adorable

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