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By: leah (Mar 31 2015)
Go Sophie !!

By: resort home (Mar 31 2015)
Sophie is so special

By: Ilona (Apr 1 2015)
Go Sophie Go!

By: Sharon (Apr 1 2015)
Omg an angel in our midst

By: Mariann (Apr 2 2015)
Flying Charlie

By: Chris (Apr 2 2015)
Sophie is such a sweetie!!

By: Ivan (Apr 4 2015)
Milo is so cute!

By: Connie. (Apr 6 2015)
Charlie. 👍❤️

By: Ivan (Apr 7 2015)
Has does Milo not have more votes...easily the cutest pic of all and i genuinely have no ci

By: Ivan (Apr 8 2015)
Milo needs votes he is definately the cutest! 😜

By: megstay (Apr 8 2015)
Sophie is a killer of Stress she makes everybody chill &happay

By: gtime (Apr 9 2015)
vote for sophie

By: alisha (Apr 10 2015)
This dog is PRECIOUS!!!!

By: Fan of Forrest (Apr 13 2015)
Forrest you are the cutest. You certainly know how to pose for a photo with that little head tilted. Great plaid jacket as well. My vote is for YOU.

By: Jackie (Apr 13 2015)
I did vote, but they are all just adorable!

By: WrOjhMsYYDc (Apr 15 2015)

By: qsctzMrpTxDQtshF (Apr 16 2015)

By: Ivan (Apr 16 2015)
come folks Milo is so adorably cute he needs deserves more votes!

By: lehnher (Apr 17 2015)
from a photographers vieuw Charlie is way ahead of the others marvelous picture

By: Tammy (Gogol) Browning (Apr 17 2015)
Oh my goodness! She's so adorable!

By: Ivan (Apr 18 2015)
uhm I'm a phototgrapher too and Milo is by far the best pic!

By: janet (Apr 18 2015)
just wild about harry

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