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By: Sunshine (Aug 2 2014)
Olivia is too cute! Pretty in Pink! Reminds me of my little girl

By: Diane Surdel Dinges (Aug 2 2014)
Vote for Olivia .... bottom left pic in Best of Show!

By: Tina (Aug 4 2014)
Come on people vote, Norm's in 2nd place!

By: No Boston's allowed! (Aug 10 2014)
How does aboston terrier even compete with cairns and westies? Then be in first place?

By: Lea (Aug 11 2014)
Norm is so adorable, he must win this competition!

By: Norm's mom! (Aug 12 2014)
The Boston Terrier owners are cheating!! I am Norm's mom and post a shout out and a link to vote on my FB page. I have many people votng for him. Shame on you!!

By: SHAME ON YOU! (Aug 12 2014)
I posted a massive shout out for votes for Norm and made everyone aware that the Boston terrier owners were cheating. If you cant do this "FAIRLY" It says a WHOLE LOT ABOUT YOU! Shame on you!

By: Fairness (Aug 13 2014)
Checked on the AKC & the Boston Terrier is classified as a non-sporting breed Not voting for one of the winning dogs, but it should be kept fair. Although the dog that wins is the one that the owner can drum up the most votes not necessarily the best photo

By: Dan (Aug 17 2014)
FYI, Boston Terriers are allowed to compete in this contest. Click on the link to submit a photo for a list of allowed breeds.

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