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By: Angel (Oct 31 2014)
Lacey is so adorable. Be sure to vote for Lacey:)

By: Carolyn Guthier (Nov 1 2014)
Way to Togo Lacey Tapia.. The cutest and smartest dog ever...

By: LMD (Nov 2 2014)
Go get 'em girl!

By: xCYHSZXcjCPAjoG (Nov 3 2014)

By: Mary Anne (Nov 3 2014)
whatever Lola wants Lola gets

By: Lacey (Nov 3 2014)
Precious lil girl

By: LMD (Nov 3 2014)
Keep it up, Lacey!

By: Jvale (Nov 5 2014)
Andy is by far the cutest.

By: moyva1818 (Nov 15 2014)

By: Juan (Nov 19 2014)
Just how are Teddy's votes climing so high in just a few minutes. Seems like somehow that Democrats are voting for Teddy.

By: Oslo (Nov 20 2014)
Is the owner of the Westie from France cheating on the votes for Teddy? Seems a bit odd that the votes for climbed so rapidly.

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