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BEST OF SHOW Photo Contest - September 2014

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Total Votes so far: 8144
(163 Members / 7981 Visitors)
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Male Westie
From: Italy

Vote for Brando [3477 Votes] Currently 2nd
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Female Yorkie
From: Canada

Vote for Cassi [97 Votes]
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Colonel Mac
Male Scottish Terrier
From: Texas

Vote for Colonel Mac [441 Votes] Currently 3rd
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Female Westie
From: Florida

Vote for Isabelle [61 Votes]
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Male Wire fox terrier
From: Wisconsin

Vote for Kiki [57 Votes]
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Lady Nala
Female Westie
From: Germany

Vote for Lady Nala [58 Votes]
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Female Westie
From: Las Vegas

Vote for Lucy [64 Votes]
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Female Yorkie
From: Florida

Vote for Peaches [3510 Votes] Currently 1st
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Female Cairn Terrier
From: Florida

Vote for Pogo [197 Votes]
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Female Westie
From: England

Vote for Rosie [58 Votes]
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Male Westie
From: USA

Vote for Tucker [58 Votes]
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Male Westie
From: Louisiana

Vote for Wesley [66 Votes]
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