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Sir Toby
1994 to 2011

Posted on 07-14-12

What can I say, Toby...you were a very sick foster boy that stole my heart. You had such a gentleness, love, and compassion about you. You love all and they loved you back. You were so good with Angela and the other kids at her house. You were so loving with Grandma Peterson and all the residents at the nursing home. You were one awesome boy. Your love for riding motorcycles and your love of wearing clothes made some really great memories. Who could forget your motorcycle outfit with your doo-rag, chains, scarf, helmet,goggles,jeans, and t-shirt.
My heart still aches for you, but I know you are in a better place and riding motorcycles again!!!!!
Love to you, Sir Toby....you were a one of a kind in our lives!!!!!

Mom, Dad, and the WBs

Posted By: Carol, Herb, and the WBs

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