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Posted on 12-20-12

Letter to Faith
I will never forget the first day I saw you.
You were so frightened, and so afraid.
You only saw me as a stranger.
even my soft touch made you shake.
But when I took your face in my hand and made you look at me,
you must have seen something in my eyes ,
that made you want to trust.
It was a long and hard road we walked,
but it was a road I would walk again
Just to see your happy face.
I know your pop misses you at night
I would hear you ever so softly call to him to take you out,
I never let you know but..
I loved to get up and watch you two
As Pop held you on his lap and talked to you so soft.
He tried to help you get around
and even though you could not see you knew that you were loved and safe.
We tried our best to help you live, the life that you deserved
and anytime you needed us you knew that you'd be served.
you never asked for anything but just to be loved
we miss your hugs and nuzzles because now you are above.
you're free of pain and you are with our loved ones that have passed
you always were our special child and our time with you went so fast.
You are so missed by your family

Posted By: Eve

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