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Posted on 12-21-18

Good-bye and thank you Pieechan  
It was during the funeral of my father-in-law who died on May 18, 2004 that the westie we were looking for was found. About three months had elapsed since requesting.
Trying to heal the heart of the father who was a last stage cancer patient having home care, we asked the owner of the pet shop to look for the same westie as Piee (Oct.1, 1995 to Dec.5, 2003) that was very much loved by the father and died in the previous year. But in the end it did not make it.

It was a female westie born May 2, 2004. My father-in-law was already dead, and the purpose was lost, but our family felt his introduction, and accepted her.
My wife named her Pieechan.
It was an unimaginably nasty little lady. She was mercilessly amenable, mischievous,, jumping up and down in the circle and making noise at midnight, bothering a family who was depressed over the father’s death. Sometimes I was worried that Pieechan and our family would not be able to live together.
However, as time passed and the family recovered from the sadness of the father-in-law’s death, Pieechan became an indispensable family member. Also, she became a loved one not only for the family but also for neighbors, people in shops and others.

She died suddenly at her favorite entrance of our house on December 4, 2018, when 14 years and 7 months passed. At the entrance she always went to see us and greeted us. In April this year, the fungus broke into her ears, and after having a major surgery, she once survived, but it was probably a destiny.

Thank you for giving us a lot of fun and a lot of happiness. Please live in peace in heaven.

Posted By: Daiji Soda

Posted By: Daiji Soda

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