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Katy and Riley
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
Treasure Island, Florida
Katy and Riley
Katy and Riley
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Born: Oct '98, Aug '00
Breed: Female and Male Cairns
Residence: Treasure Island, Florida
Weight: Katy- 15 pounds, Riley- 16 pounds

Favorite food: Katy- homemade treats. Riley- anything I can get.

Favorite toy: Katy- Frisbee. Riley- Anything that Katy has...

Favorite activity: Katy loves playing Frisbee and anything else active. Riley loves baking homemade treats, cooking of any kind and chasing lizards.

Special talents: Katy is a talented Frisbee player and often all four feet leave the ground when she catches one. She also loves chasing a ball with a bell inside and can flip it with her nose to roll it back to you. Riley is a gifted chef who bakes "Cairn Cookies" for his friends and relatives. He is also the eldest of the infamous "Lopez Eight"

Most embarrassing moment: Katy- when I barked too hard at a jetski and fell off of the seawall into the water. Riley- mistaking the Christmas tree for an outside tree and...

Most trouble I ever got into: Katy- stealing fuzzy toys from Riley and dismembering them - over and over again... Riley- tearing the porch screen to get to a lizard.

My favorite friends: Kelsie the cute little Yorkie next door.

Biggest adventure: Katy- traveling to Georgia to visit my Cairn cousins Rocky and Baileigh. Riley- traveling from Lopez Island WA to my new home in Florida after I picked out my new mom and dad.

Member since 01/01/2002
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