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Maizie and Zoey
Breed: Female Cairns
New Berlin, New York
Maizie and Zoey
Maizie and Zoey
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Born: Nov '97, Dec '95
Breed: Female Cairns
Residence: New Berlin, New York
Weight: 29 lbs, 20 lbs

Favorite food: Maizie- Everything I can get. Zoey- Lamb.

Favorite toy: Maizie- All my toys. Zoey- My stuffed duck.

Favorite activity: Maizie- Harrassing the cat. Zoey- Killing my stuffed duck,walkies, and barking at the neighbors cars.

Special talents: Maizie- Opening the latch on our fenced in yard. Mom had to double it now. Zoey- I am called the enforcer by my humans because I keep order around here.

Most embarrassing moment: Maizie- When My sister Zoey and I got stuck behind a beaver pond in late October and dad had to wade in it to get us home. Zoey- When I got myself and my sister stuck on the other side of the beaver pond (we escaped the fence) and dad had to wade in freezing water hip deep to get us...it was night when we let ourselves be found.

Most trouble I ever got into: Maizie- When I pushed the cat off the bed....he got mad and chased me. Zoey- The above story, and the other time we squeezed through the gate when the latch wasn't on right. I got burdock everywhere, and my mom was soooooo mad at me.

My favorite friends: Maizie- My sister Zoe, Jesse our brother, and Ojee the cat. Zoey- My sister Maizie, brother Jesse... he's a scottie, and our cousin Starr the shepherd mix.

Biggest adventure: Maizie- When I went into the gopher hole. ZAnd when the goose chased me. Zoey- The beaver pond fiasco. We had to cross three properties over (10 acres) to get around it and get stuck behind it.

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