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Emma, Van, Woody, Lily
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Canberra, Australia
Emma, Van, Woody, Lily
Emma, Van, Woody, Lily
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Born: Apr '98, Jan '97, Nov '00, Oct '01
Breed: Male and Female Cairns
Residence: Canberra, Australia
Weight: 8 kg, 7 kg, 7 kg, 3 kg

Favorite food: Emma- Roast chicken. Van- Bones. Woody- Anything that falls off the BBQ. Lily- Fish.

Favorite toy: Emma- Lizards. Van- Anything that squeaks. Woody- Squeaky tiger. Lily- Squeaky echidna.

Favorite activity: Emma- Hunting rabbits and lizards. Van- Playing with humans. Woody- Playing with Lily. Lily- Eating, sleeping and playing with Woody, that's all I do!

Special talents: Emma- Award for being able to eat a rabbit in least amount of gulps (only two!) Van- Top Cairn Terrier in Australia 1999/2000, top sire in 2001. Woody- Award for looking toooooo cute! Even when I got bigger. Lily- Best chewer in da House!

Most embarrassing moment: Emma- When Mum put a Santa hat on me and took a picture. Van- Letting my grandson get the better of me in a fence fight! Woody- When Mum put me in a pot and took a picture. Lily- Mum showing everyone my cute puppy belly.

Most trouble I ever got into: Emma- Fighting with another girl Cairn. Van- Eating Mum's potplant. Woody- Eating Mums new expensive sunglasses. Lily- Chewing through a wooden rung of the coffee table.

My favorite friends: Emma- Van da Man Cairn. Van- Emma Cairn. Woody- Lily little girl Cairn. Lily- Woody Cairn boy.

Biggest adventure: Emma- Having seven puppies! Van- Moving to Canberra from Melbourne. Woody- Running around in the bush with kangaroos and rabbits. Lily- Going to my first ever show - wow, so many dogs!

My web page: Emma, Van, Woody, Lily's Website
Member since 01/16/2002
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