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Lewis, Jasmine, and Paddington
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Lewis, Jasmine, and Paddington
Lewis, Jasmine, and Paddington
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Born: Oct '99, May '99, Sep '00
Breed: Male and Female Westies
Residence: Canada
Weight: 18, 14, 14 pounds

Favorite food: Lewis- Any kind of meat - yum! Jasmine- Cheese, liver, green beans, bananas, oranges, canteloupe, aww, you name it, I love it!! Paddington- Liver, Mom's special stew, peanut butter biscuits.

Favorite toy: Lewis- Wiggly giggly!! Frisbee!! Stuffies that squeak!! Jasmine- I prefer to play with my other Westie friends. Raw hide sticks are fun to carry around. Paddington- Toys, toys, toys!! I love toys! All of them! Gimme some toys!!

Favorite activity: Lewis- I love to play frisbee. Any season! And I enjoy having lots of girls chasing me at all times. whoo hoo! Jasmine- Mouse Hunting!! If there's a mouse, I'll find it! Paddington- Playing with toys!!

Special talents: Lewis- I can talk, dance and roll over (partway) Mom loves it when I talk to her. I'm also really good at jumping fences! Mom doesn't like that trick though. Jasmine- I like to dance and Mom says that I'm as smart as a child because I understand what she says to me. Paddington- I can sing - Arrroooooooooo!! Aroo! Aroo! Arrrooooooooo!! Mom loves it and I sing when she asks me to. I can dig big holes and I can escape from any fenced area there is.

Most embarrassing moment: Lewis- I was at the vet's office and a big dog came in. I had to protect mom so I told him to stay where he was. Mom tried to keep me from barking but I wouldn't because the bigger dog was saying nasty stuff to me. Then the vet came out and said I was the worst behaved dog he had ever had in his office. Mom felt bad. Jasmine- I'm always a lady and I try to avoid embarrassing situations. Paddington- I always throw up when we go for a car ride and none of the other Westies do.

Most trouble I ever got into: Lewis- Porcupines!! I can't resist! I've had quills pulled a couple times but I don't care. It doesn't hurt. One of these days, I'm going to bring one home for Mom! Jasmine- I chewed some important documents that Dad had on his desk when I was left alone in his office. I woke up from sleeping on his chair and I was just testing them out. I was bored... Paddington- I kept getting out of the fenced area and mom got real mad. She put up new fence but, ha ha, I got out of that too! And I went into a hole that was really, really smelly. Mom said a word like "sep-ic". I don't know what that is but it was fun. I had to have a bath though.

My favorite friends: Lewis- have lots of girl friends: Jasmine, Miki and Paddington! Mom brought home a new boy named Winston. I'm not sure it we will be buddies or not. He's just little so as long as he minds his manners, we'll do fine. Jasmine- Anybody who comes to visit! I love little kids and I wish more would come to play with me. But I especially love Lewis my Westie buddy. Paddington- Everybody! Louie, Jazz, Miki, Winston, Buster.

Biggest adventure: Lewis- I jumped the fence and got into a fight with two Neopolitan Mastiffs. I held my ground and put the fear in them but then they picked me up in their mouths and put their big paws on me.

My web page: Lewis, Jasmine, and Paddington's Website
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