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Breed: Male Westie
Knoxville, Tennessee
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Born: 1997
Breed: Male Westie
Residence: Knoxville, Tennessee
Weight: 20 pounds

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Favorite food: Hotdogs stolen off someone's plate.

Favorite toy: ANYTHING that squeaks.

Favorite activity: I like to roll in the grass and curl up on Mom's lap while we read.

Special talents: My talent was staying alive during my 2 years on the streets before I was rescued.

Most embarrassing moment: When, after I was rescued, all my fur was shaved off. I looked really funny.

Most trouble I ever got into: So far, stealing a hotdog off Dad's plate while he was watching a football game...he was not REALLY mad, though.

My favorite friends: It was Sadie until she had to go somewhere called "The Bridge" on 1/11. Now Mom is my favorite. I'm trying to like the Scotties, but they are not too friendly, yet.

Biggest adventure: Coming to live with my new mom.

Member since 01/14/2002
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