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Jake and Ben
Breed: Male Cairns
Cumbria, UK
Jake and Ben
Jake and Ben
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Born: November, 1997
Breed: Male Cairns
Residence: Cumbria, UK
Weight: 15, 17 pounds

Favorite food: Buthchers, maltesers! cup of tea.

Favorite toy: Green frog , blue hippo.

Favorite activity: Being out and about sniffing, with plenty of rest in between.

Special talents: Jake- keeping our back yard free of starlings and pigeons, anything smaller is allowed except cats. Ben- sniffing out a trail hound at 100 yards then barking continuosly just incase they might be nearby.

Most embarrassing moment: Jake- cocking my leg against a very nice lady who was sitting on the grass talking to me. Ben- when Murphy our cat beat me up because I got to near her at the wrong moment, good job she dosen't use her claws on us.

Most trouble I ever got into: We both had great difficulty understanding the return command until we were well into our third year, this used to get us into big trouble.

My favorite friends: Each other, Murphy our cat (Jake not too sure about that) Zac giant schnauser.

Biggest adventure: Going on holiday, riding in the cable car near ben Nevis, going on a small motor boat to an island.

Member since 01/12/2002
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