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Sugar and Spice
Breed: Female Westie and Cairn
Rhode Island
Sugar and Spice
Sugar and Spice
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Born: Dec '00
Breed: Female Westie and Cairn
Residence: Rhode Island
Weight: 17 lbs, 13 lbs

Favorite food: All Treats---chew bones, popcorn, carrots, etc.

Favorite toy: Anything we can get our teeth on!

Favorite activity: Walking and playing with other.

Special talents: Ripping up stuffed animals and occasionally a rug.

Most embarrassing moment: Getting caught drinking from the toilet!

Most trouble I ever got into: We got loose and almost tore every lady's stockings in a wedding with our friendly behavior.

My favorite friends: The boxer across the street.

Biggest adventure: Tried to go to the core of the earth in our hole digging adventure.

Member since 10/04/2001
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