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Kirby and Zoie
Breed: Male and Female Westie
Aberdeen, Maryland
Kirby and Zoie
Kirby and Zoie
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Born: Jan '01, Mar '01
Breed: Male and Female Westie
Residence: Aberdeen, Maryland
Weight: 18 lbs, 10 lbs

Favorite food: Cream Cheese.

Favorite toy: Kirby- Anything chewable. Zoie- I always have to have something in her mouth when I'm walking around.

Favorite activity: Running, barking and staring out the window (and barking).

Special talents: Kirby- Making my owner smile when she comes home from work. Zoie- I'm extremely fast at running and love to jump. Sometimes I hop like a rabbit running in the yard.

Most embarrassing moment: None yet.

Most trouble I ever got into: Kirby- After I had my bath, I ran outside and rolled in a puddle of mud.

My favorite friends: Kirby- Zoie, my companion. Alyza, my human niece.

Biggest adventure: Driving in the car from Southern MD to Northern MD. Lots of stops!

Member since 09/04/2001
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