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Breed: Male Cairn
Athens, Louisiana
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Born: April, 2001
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Athens, Louisiana
Weight: 10.2 pounds

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Favorite food: Favorite? Do I have to pick??

Favorite toy: Squeaky lamb and toilet tissue.

Favorite activity: Barking at 'little bit' and tearing down miniblinds.

Special talents: Talents....hmmm.....so many and so little space. Let me think awhile.

Most embarrassing moment: The abuse I took from mamaw's cat just because I thought she was a dog...I mean she looked like a dog and smelled nice too.

Most trouble I ever got into: Here we are at the cat thing again. Grownups have such long memories.

My favorite friends: Well I really liked that cat... but I will have to say I think Sasha is pretty hot and Little Bit is ok when she lets me eat....

Biggest adventure: Outside of course. Everyday is a adventure....trees,holes, wild animals (cats) mud holes and of course the ever popular beggar lice. Mom gets so upset when I play in that...I still haven't figured it out.

Member since 08/28/2001
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