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Breed: Male Cairn
Crystal City, Missouri
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Born: November, 1999
Breed: Male Cairn
Residence: Crystal City, Missouri
Weight: 15 pounds

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Favorite food: Most fruit (not blue berries Yuck!), Ice cubes, Apple peels, you get the picture.

Favorite toy: Squeaky alligator, (only when Mom's on the phone.)

Favorite activity: Playing ball and running around and around the coffee table.

Special talents: I can sit up. I get anything I want when I sit up. I'm so cute.

Most embarrassing moment: Too numerous to mention. I can be quite the klutz when I'm in a hurry. (Always!)

Most trouble I ever got into: I growled at my Gramma when she tried to take my toy. Boy did Mom get mad!! Had to go in "Time Out".

My favorite friends: My Gramma's Mini Schnauzer, Heidi. She's my bestest friend.

Biggest adventure: We travel from Missouri to Arkansas to the lake at least once a year. My first trip was when I was 7 mos. old. I like the lake, but I just wish it wasn't made outta water! I love the boat and my Mom's water mattress, but don't get me wet.

Member since 09/28/2001
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