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Breed: Female Cairn
Kingman, Arizona
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Born: March, 1997
Breed: Female Cairn
Residence: Kingman, Arizona
Weight: 18 pounds

Favorite food: I love carrots, chicken, and cheese and crackers.

Favorite toy: My large stuffed bunny that my parents gave me when they brought me home.

Favorite activity: My favorite things are keeping the yard free of anything that moves and licking my dad's face when he comes home at night. I also love to go flyfishing with my parents. Although, sometimes they say I get in the way! Me in the way, never!

Special talents: I will do my tricks all by myself just to get a treat. And, if you happen to forget where my treats are, not to worry I know exactly where they are and will be glad to show you. And show you, and show you, and show you!

Most embarrassing moment: I don't have any. After all I am a lady!

Most trouble I ever got into: I was just a young lady and mom thought it was time I tried being on my own in the house while she went to work. Well, the day was going well until I found this tag ( I have a thing for tags on stuff, they really annoy me). This tag was just hanging there off the box spring on the new bed in the guest room. Well, did you know that there is a whole bunch of "stuff" underneath that tag? I guess mom didn't know because she sure was excited when she saw all that "stuff". I knew she was mad at me because she wouldn't let me in the room while she did her mending job. It was a really long time before I was allowed into the guest room alone. I still got the run of the house, they just made sure they clipped all the tags that I might find.

My favorite friends: I'm an only child and we don't have a play park in my town. But, every now and then my best friend Jack, a black lab, will come and visit. I sure do enjoy those visits.

Biggest adventure: This summer we got to go flyfishing. We were at a really nice river and to be safe mom had me tethered on a long led, just in case I slipped off a rock into the water. Next thing I know mom has a fish. Wow! Everyone is excited! Mom is doing a great job but I can tell she needs my help so I carefully headed out toward her. Finally after hopping the best rocks I make it to her about the time she is netting this neat brown trout. That's when the fun really started. I kept trying to tell her I wanted to help. But, you know I don't think that rock was really big enough for the three of us. It seems like the weaving, the balancing and the sit, stay never did happen at the right time. I got to see a trout up close before it went on it's merry way and I believe I remember mom commenting that the water was really cold. It was a great day.

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