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Danny and Georgia
Breed: Male Cairn, Female Westie
Branford, Connecticut
Danny and Georgia
Danny and Georgia
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Born: Mar '94, Sep '91
Breed: Male Cairn, Female Westie
Residence: Branford, Connecticut
Weight: 20 lbs, 18 lbs

Favorite food: (Danny): Ice cream (well, you said my favorite!)
(Georgia): Hamburgers (my favorite treat that is.)

Favorite toy: (Danny): Stuffed animals.
(Georgia): Right now, my rubber bone (I like to hide from everyone) and my stuffed horse!

Favorite activity: (Danny): Going to tage sales with dad & of course the dog park!
(Georgia): Going to the park (I even have a little song for it), playing with my tennis ball, and of course, going to Vermont. I get so excited when mommy mentions Vermont!

Special talents: (Danny): Sitting up and begging like a poor little forlorn baby (which I'm not)!
(Georgia): Keeping the whole Terrier clan together. I'm the herder. Also, was voted cutest puppy! I'm still like a puppy girl!

Most embarrassing moment: (Danny): None--I'm too cute to be embarassed.
(Georgia): When "poo" shot out of me when the vet tried to clip my nails. I do not like having my nails clipped.

Most trouble I ever got into: (Danny): When I took off from the state park trail in Vermont and made my mother collapse from fright....Georgia, my Westie sister herded me back to dad (thank God).
(Georgia): Actually none. My mom says to tell you that I'm the perfect little girl. That's unless I've just rolled in something smelly of course!

My favorite friends: (Danny): Maggie the Yorkie down the street. I rescued her when she ran away. It was me who found her under the porch. Twelve human rescuers couldn't find her. I love her and even took on her litter of puppies as my own!
(Georgia): Well, my favorite is my big stuffed white dog that I call "my mother". Whenever I'm insecure (which isn't often), I like to cuddle her. I do have a thing for big black & white male dogs (I guess I'm a little bit of a tramp)--I love muster, bear, and stoker.

Biggest adventure: So many! Dad & mom take us everywhere. Travelling around the country on vacation.

Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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