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Sparky & Wesley
Breed: Male Westies
Port St. John, Florida
Sparky & Wesley
Sparky & Wesley
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Born: Sparky: April 1995 - Wesley: June 1998
Breed: Male Westies
Residence: Port St. John, Florida
Weight: Sparky: 17 lbs - Wesley: 22 lbs

Favorite food: Sparky: Steak and Italian food (occasionally)
Wesley: Chicken, steak, cheese, pizza, tacos, lasagna, you name it - I'll eat it! (which is why I weight 22 lbs)

Favorite toy: Sparky: Empty plastic 2 liter bottles and balls.
Wesley: Stuffed toys of any kind !

Favorite activity: Sparky: Chasing squirrels in the backyard and riding to Tennessee in my Dad's Dodge Ram Mega Cab
Wesley: Eating dinner with my Dad and sleeping on his bed with him when he's watching TV

Special talents: Sparky: All the easy tricks: sitting, begging, rolling over...
Wesley: I can catch popcorn in the air AND shake hands.

Most embarrassing moment: Sparky: My parents bathed me and used too much Mrs. Stewart's bluing and my fur turned light blue!
Wesley: I dug under the backyard fence, escaped into an enclosed retention pond area and my parents caught me up to my knees (knees?) in muddy water!

Most trouble I ever got into: Sparky: My parents caught me wrestling a snake in the back yard.
Wesley: My parents caught me in the back yard fighting over a dead bird with my brother Sparky.

My favorite friends: Sparky: Wesley and my brother Winston who's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Wesley: Sparky and my brother Winston

Biggest adventure: We both dug out of our fenced yard, ran down the street, got picked up by a nice lady in a van (a westie lover!)who brought us to her house, and played with her West Highland Terriers in their backyard until my parents came and picked us up.

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