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Breed: Female Westie
Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Born: October, 1996
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Virginia Beach, Virginia
Weight: 20 pounds

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2 Westies and a Scottie

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Favorite food: Peanut Butter (I can sniff it a mile away!), ice cream, any human food, although these are all off limits because I am on a special diet!

Favorite toy: My squeaky cheeseburger my grandparents gave me when I was little. I also love my pig that is missing and ear and an eye now, and my horse that used to winnie. (My mom has had to sew that one up MANY times).

Favorite activity: Going on long walks with my parents and little brother, chasing ducks, chasing cats, getting chased by my brother; burying toys, food; guarding my parents from my window while sitting in my favorite chair. "Go" anywhere, anytime! I love to "Go".

Special talents: I can give kisses upon request! I am VERY helpful around the house. I know everything that is going on in the household, too. I am a very Good girl. I am also very photogenic. I love to have my picture taken and I pose for the camera as often as possible. You can see me in my Halloween costume in the Terrier Club 2001 calendar. I am dressed up as a witch...what was my Mom thinking?

Most embarrassing moment: When I was a puppy/young westie, I was an excitable wetter. I saw my dad drive up one day when mom and I were walking and I ran and jumped in his lap in his car. I got so excited that I peed in his lap! He got upset, but mom reminded him that this was a sign that I really liked him. I also got really sleepy one night while visiting at my grandparent's house while sleeping on their bed. I accidentally peed on their bed! This is why I have the nickname "Peebody".

Most trouble I ever got into: I got caught with my my entire face in the peanut butter jar. My dad was eating peanut butter and he turned his back for a split second and I got into the jar!

My favorite friends: My little brother, and sometimes pest, Baxter Murphy. You can see him in the Terrier Club also! He does chase me and I love him for that. He is the best company and a great companion. We are like Siamese twins glued together at the neck. My other friends are Daisy, my grandparent's Westie (you can see her on the Terrier Club also), and Smoki, my grandparent's cat. I have 4 pet fish that I love to watch swim. Enemies: The orange cat that sits outside my window and antagonizes me daily!

Biggest adventure: Moving from Mississippi to Texas and then to California. Going to Yosemite National Park. (Lots of great smells and sights) Visiting my grandparents in Tennessee. I am quite the traveler. I love road-trips!

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