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Winston & Madison
Breed: Male and Female Cairn
Houston, Texas
Winston & Madison
Winston & Madison
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Born: Jun '99, May '99
Breed: Male and Female Cairn
Residence: Houston, Texas
Weight: 10 lbs, 14 lbs

Favorite food: (Madison): Anything a human eats.
(Winston): Meat.

Favorite toy: (Madison): Ice.
(Winston): The stuffed airplane that makes noises when I run with it...this drives my parents nuts!

Favorite activity: (Madison): Chasing birds.
(Winston): Running with my little sister, Madison.

Special talents: (Madison): I like to watch the computer monitor when my parents are working. I bark, growl and follow every move of the mouse...
(Winston): I like to sleep under the covers at the end of the bed. My parents just love my cold nose touching their feet.

Most embarrassing moment: (Madison): I was barking at the geese...chasing them...for some reason they turned on me and started chasing me...can you believe this!!
(Winston): Running through the house with my mom's bra when we had company...or was that my mom's most embarrassing moment?

Most trouble I ever got into: (Madison): Mom was not happy with me when I rolled in another dog's poop...I got into big trouble!
(Winston): Every day I get into trouble...what do you expect, I am a puppy!!

My favorite friends: (Madison): My brother Winston.
(Winston): My sister Madison.

Biggest adventure: (Madison): Riding in the vehicle..I love to ride.
Winston): Traveling to my grandparents house...one lives in Dallas, TX and the other lives across town.

Member since May 2001 (or earlier)
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