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Breed: Female Westie
Auburn, Nebraska
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Born: December, 1997
Breed: Female Westie
Residence: Auburn, Nebraska
Weight: 16 lbs

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Favorite food: I'm very picky about "dog" food. I like to eat anything mommy is eating...ie; Raw broccoli, carrots, bacon, cheese.

Favorite toy: My cat "roommates": especially, Sammy Fluff. I also like Rawhide chews.

Favorite activity: I love to go Bye-Bye in the car everyday. Everyone in town knows me!

Special talents: I appear on the web at www. picture.com for winning an amateur photo contest. I can do all the "standard" Dog tricks [when I feel like it] Sit, Stay, Roll over, Down...

Most embarrassing moment: I live with 5 cats, so I do what they do - sit in the window or jump up on the table - so people call me a cat...very embarassing.

Most trouble I ever got into: Mom took me outside to "help" capture a cute bunny to feed and take care of...I killed it...[My natural instincts came through] Mom was not very happy.

My favorite friends: For some reason I do not like Boston Terriers. Every time I see one, I go Crazy!! My Best friends are my neighbors: Libby[ Lab], Thunder [Springer Spaniel], Teddy [175 lbs Mixed Breed] and Chloe [A cute westie].

Biggest adventure: I jumped in the lake to catch some ducks at Aunt Sissy's house on Thanksgiving!! While everyone was eating a huge feast, I was getting a bath.

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